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Depression or melancholy, as it is often gently called, is a binding pattern that can be undone through exploration and some honest application of discovered truths. Such is the discovery that Roma Desai describes in her book about staying in or becoming freed from melancholy. In this very short book of only fifty pages, Desai explores recognizing the repetitively dismal thoughts that can become severe depression when one feels bound by them. The alternative she discovers is that one can admit the truth in such desolating truths, look for and dismiss what is false, act on changing what is truth by looking to clues for what is true and genuine, choosing to ignore the false claims and evoked negative claims often experienced when around family or friends, and ultimately rejecting the passive and accepting the active reality of "free will." A social worker who has worked with children and families for 20 years, Desai rejects the "should" mentality and embraces the "I do feel this way" and proceed to freedom from there. While there are thousands of self-help books available about feelings and therapeutic ideas, this small but potent book might be the "perfect" one for anyone to read and even suggest to another who needs some brief, concise, immediate wisdom about what we all experience at one time or another in life. A great intro to the work of working through reflections and feelings about self and others!
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal on February 21, 2005
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal
Courtesy Crystal Reviews
Posted March 14, 2005

ISBN: 1-4137-4537-7
December 2004
Publish America, LLLP
P.O. Box 151
Frederick, MD 21705
Softcover Paperback
50 pages
Rating: 4 Coffee Cups!
What is melancholy? How do you recover from it? These are the questions that the author of the title asks, but is there a true fire method to getting over melancholy? As she recounts the experiences of her day; we get to read her responses, to distinguish her feelings and emotions, and how she is able to overcome being miserable. Ways To Stay Miserable is a inspirational book of how one woman is able to describe her unhappiness and inability to convey her feelings and emotions to family and friends. Feelings of impotence, tiredness, of never ending situations, thinking up ways to get through each day and basically trying to cope with everyday life. But there is hope. Finding that not everything is going to make her happy, the author describes of how to tell between melancholy and happiness, of what it means to be in the here and now. This book was a delight to read, I found the topic of melancholy something that I had never thought of before, and it made me reflect on situations that depressed me and also of how I felt when I was able to overcome this depression. This is a wonderful book that has left an impression on me I never thought I would discover.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen ~ Find Out About New Books
I loved reading this book and could not put it down. You have drawn us into the secret world of your thoughts and feelings, shown us the many devious ways you use to stay miserable, and allow us to discover our own private internal mechanisms, the defenses that keep us locked in suffering and prevent us from experiencing the joy of the present moment. By allowing us to know your personal experience you have exposed what is true for us all. You've put into words, with a pure poetic style and lexicon uniquely your own, the persistent chatter of the mind, the incessant mulling over of events and ideas, the internal dialogue of thoughts and feelings that keep us stuck in distress and misery. You shine a light on that unconscious dialogue which supports unhappiness and prevents us from experiencing the attitude of joy, and the happiness that is right there in the moment, if only we allow it to be. The book reads like poetry. It is a wonderful, engaging, heartfelt rant that awakens us to new awareness and the possibility of happiness. Thank you for writing it.
Carol Pearlman
West Hollywood based - writer/poet

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